Comprehensive ADHD Program

Individuals who struggle with ADHD often run into problems with the law, continuity within employment or school settings, may have substance abuse difficulties, and have difficulty with the day-to-day functional tasks that keep life organized and focused on moving forward.

CNS provides integrated and comprehensive care for patients with ADHD, utilizing a multi-disciplinary team approach. This team includes psychiatrists, neuropsychologists, psychotherapists and case coordinators, all working together to provide a whole-person approach.

According to Tuckman (2007), “Traditional therapeutic techniques are not sufficient to deal with the many manifestations of this multifaceted condition.” He follows by suggesting integrated treatment that encompasses four distinguishing concepts: education, medication, coaching, and psychotherapy. CNS utilizes these four pillars to facilitate and maintain change in persons suffering from ADHD.

It is essential that individual’s feel that time directed towards personal and professional tasks, is time spent efficiently and productively. The CNS Treatment Team works together with patients to:

  • Thoroughly and accurately assess for ADHD and/or other neurocognitive deficits
  • provide a platform for patients to have an active voice in the overall treatment plan;
  • improve overall health and functioning;
  • offer medication management to address inattention, distraction, impulsivity, or hyperactivity
  • develop and increase motivation to make and sustain change;
  • facilitate changes in self-management, organization, and overall productivity utilizing cognitive behavioral techniques and strategies
  • address underlying emotional difficulties related to low self-esteem, interpersonal relationship struggles, and life disorganization
  • transfer the application of the skills acquired in the CNS Comprehensive ADHD Program to practical matters in everyday life


We are confident that our staff at CNS can help facilitate your health and wellbeing. To contact our office with questions or to schedule an appointment please dial 310-440-9800 and hit extension 1 for the receptionist.