CNS Fees and Policies

CNS Fees and Policies | CNS Integrated Behavioral Health & Medicine



Psychiatrist (M.D.) 25 mins: $195
45 mins: $365
Initial appointment: $495
Psychologist (PhD/PsyD) 45 mins: $235
Psychotherapy (MFT) 45 mins: $165
Psychological Testing Available upon request.
Psychiatric Rehabilitation &
Case Management
Billed at rate of clinician providing service.
Billed at 90-minute minimum. Off-site visit fees are 150% usual rates.
Educational Therapy
Exercise Physiologist
$165 / hour
These appointments are billed at a 90-minute minimum. Off-site visit fees are 150% usual rates.
Treatment Team Fees Billed as the aggregate of all clinicians present.
Extended Appointments Appointments above 45 minutes are billed at increments of 45 minute fees. (e.g. 60-70 minute appt’s are billed at 1.5 units).
Neuroimaging Analysis
Neurocognitive Testing
Available upon request.
Overtime Fee For services rendered outside regular business hours (9am-6pm), or occurring on weekends or nationally-observed holidays are charged 150% of usual rates.




Cancellation Policy The scheduling of an appointment involves the reservation of a clinician’s time specifically for you. If you need to cancel or change an appointment, please inform us at least 48 business hours in advance, otherwise you will still be billed and payment is required.
Medication Refills Prescriptions are provided in the office during appointments. Medications are not ordinarily refilled over the telephone, except in the case of emergency. 
Invoices & Insurance Reimbursement CNS is an “Out-of-Network” provider. We do not process payments from health insurance do you need a prescription to buy viagra in canada companies. Upon charging, we will email you an invoice. This invoice will contain all claim codes necessary to be submitted to your insurance company, and they will reimburse you directly, as their policy allows. Our invoices contain sensitive information revealing your diagnoses and diagnostic codes. In order to protect your confidentiality, CNS will not disclose any other information to your health insurance carrier. Please note that each psychiatric appointment is split into 2 entries on invoices (each being 1/2 of the total fee). This is because of national billing code standards from insurance companies which require us to do so.
Payment Payment is due at the time of service. Once service has been rendered, fees are not refundable. Phone appointments are charged the same rates as office appointments. The only form of payment accepted by CNS is credit card.