CNS Patient Forms

Please take the time to fill out these online forms before scheduling an appointment. It will expedite the registration process and allow your doctor to spend time during your initial appointment focusing on important clinical issues rather than logistical.

CNS New Patient Enrollment Form

  • Before scheduling an appointment with CNS, each patient is required to complete the initial Registration Paperwork. Please click here to access online.
  • After submission, the CNS site will conduct a pre-authorization to the credit card on file. Please note that the funds are not charged, but are simply reserved.
  • When we have received your paperwork, our staff will call you to schedule an initial appointment.
  • Please note that our re-scheduling & cancellation policy requires 48 business hours advanced notice, otherwise the regular appointment fee will be assessed.
  • Although payment for appointments is usually due at the time of service, for the initial evaluation the credit card will sometimes be charged 1-2 days before the appointment.
  • If you have problems completing the forms online, click here to download them and complete them by hand. Fax completed forms back to 310-440-9810. You may also mail or email them. If you have difficulty with the above link, you may have to Right-click on it and select “Download” or “Save” it onto your desktop, and print from there.