How We Differ

How we differ from other outpatient practices

Access To A Breadth Of Specialists

Patients at CNS have access to virtually all specialists available in the mental health field through one simplified, centralized system. No more having to drive around the city looking for a specialist that happens to have an opening in their schedule.

Individualized Treatment Programs

Individualized Programs at CNS provide patients with the opportunity to gradually and seamlessly tailor treatment as life unfolds

Integrated Treatment Team Coordination

At CNS, the clinicians of your treatment team meet on a regular basis to discuss and problem solve current treatment. It is very rare to find this level of integration in settings outside of hospitals or residential treatment centers.

Financial Counselors

Most out-of-network medical practices simply give the patient a “superbill” at the end of each appointment and ignore the rest of the process.

For patients enrolled in our Comprehensive Treatment Programsour financial counselors will walk you through the outline of treatment services recommended as well as the fee schedule in order to make sure all parties understand the billing process before moving forward with treatment.

CNS Front Desk

Many mental health private practices are relatively small and unable to operate on a 9-5 basis. Therefore, they are usually not able to answer calls frequently. Our Front Desk Staff is available to receive your calls, if not answer your calls live, and return messages on a daily basis.

Our Registration Process is as easy as completing a brief online questionnaire and a follow up phone call from our Front Desk.  For more information about the registration process visit our New Patients page.