How It Works


Upon contacting our office, the intake counselor will ask about your reasons for seeking treatment and direct you to our registration paperwork, accessible through our CNS Patient Forms page. Upon receiving your paperwork the intake counselor will then schedule you for an appointment.

Initial Assessment

During your initial assessment, you will meet with your CNS psychiatrist. In some instances the initial assessment will take place with one of our staff psychologists or therapists.

The goals of this detailed assessment include: 1) to understand and gather information about the problems you are experiencing, 2) to assess for other conditions, and 3) to begin developing your comprehensive treatment plan.

Developing Your Treatment Plan

During this phase you and your CNS clinician will collaborate to develop a treatment plan tailored to best meet your needs. Treatment components may include a range of care; from individual therapy, to full participation in our Comprehensive Programs.

Building Your Treatment Team

CNS has an array of clinicians with an impressive range of expertise. In addition to our staff of child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrists, our specialists include: neuropsychologists, psychotherapists, marriage and family therapists, educational therapists, exercise physiologists, and case coordinators.

Guided by your treatment plan, these specialists work together to provide integrated, multi-disciplinary care.

Working Together

To ensure the highest quality of care, Integrated Treatment Team Meetings are scheduled to guarantee consistent communication among all treatment team members.

At CNS, we believe that you are an integral part in your own healing process. We schedule Treatment Team Appointments between you and your team in order to keep you informed and an active part of the treatment process. Research shows integrated care is a highly effective approach to providing treatment for psychiatric and co-occurring disorders. Please see our Research Shows section for more information.