CBT for Adult ADHD

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Program Description

The Mastering Your Adult ADHD: A Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Program1 was developed and initially tested at the Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Program at the Massachusetts General Hospital (Harvard Medical School), Department of Psychiatry.  Through weekly sessions guided by a workbook, you will learn ways to effectively address and manage core symptoms of Adult ADHD such as attentional problems, high activity, and impulsivity, along with concrete strategies for addressing associated impairments such as underachievement, mood problems and relationship difficulties.

The CBT for adult ADHD treatment is organized into three core modules.  The first module involves strategies for increasing organization and planning skills.  The second module involves reducing distractibility.  The third module involves learning to think about and respond to stress and problems in the most adaptive and positive way possible.  An optional module addresses problems with procrastination.  The sessions are structured and the patient’s progress is monitored weekly.  Working together, the patient and therapist will identify the patient’s goals for treatment, make a plan for reaching those goals, identify ways to break goals into achievable “chunks,” and become more organized in daily life.

Supported by Research

The program, in conjunction with appropriate medications, has been shown to be more effective treatment for Adult ADHD than medications alone. Research indicates that CBT for Adult ADHD also yields better results in addressing associated anxiety and depression than medications alone. 2


Is this Program Right for You?
Are you experiencing:

    • Poor school and work performance?
    • Trouble with organization and planning activities?
    • Becoming easily bored?
    • Difficulty sustaining attention for reading and paperwork?
    • Procrastination?
    • Poor time management?
    • Impulsive decision making?
    • Problems with friendships?
    • Poor follow-through on commitments?
    • Poor listening skills?
    • Difficulty with intimate relationships?
    • Difficuly organizing your home or finances?
    • Noticed your life is endlessly chaotic?
    • Do these issues cause significant distress and impairment in your life?



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