Hybrid Treatment Sessions

This webpage is a summary of logistical information for: 1. Regular appointments, 2. Brain stimulation sessions, and 3. Hybrid treatment sessions directly with the physician.

More detailed information is available upon request, but it’s recommended that these options are discussed more with your doctor.

Option 1: Medication appointments

For medication adjustment, this would simply entail regular appointments with the psychiatrist (either in-office or via phone). Fees are listed here:

Option 2. Brain stimulation sessions

For TMS/TBS sessions (brain stimulation) with our technician, each hour is $795. The typical course is 2 hours/day for 10 days, but this should be discussed more with your doctor.

More information can be found here:

Option 3. Hybrid sessions directly with the doctor

In this combination sessions, the doctor directly renders all of the treatments simultaneously in the office, tailoring every treatment specific to you.

This includes:
1. TBS (brain stimulation)
2. Ketamine infusion
3. KAP (ketamine assisted psychotherapy), were the doctor guides you throughout the entire session.

Although every individual is different, the course of treatment is ordinarily a total of 6 sessions, which are spread apart anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks. That said, some individuals improve with just a few sessions, and some require more. 6 is just an average.

Because you’ll be getting a lot of treatment simultaneously, the fees are significant. This approach essentially compresses what is usually several week’s worth of treatment into 2 hours (including the fees).

The fees for a hybrid session vary depending on the individual’s need, but typically they are most effective when they are approximately 2 hour sessions. Some people need more, and some do well with less.

The following are the fees for each component:
1. KAP psychotherapy: the doctor’s usual appointment fee is ($700 per 45 minute slot). A typical hybrid session lasts 90 minutes – 2 hours ($700 x 2 = $1,400).
2. TBS: TBS compresses about a week of traditional TMS into 2 hours. Each round is $795. Typically, 2 rounds are performed ($795 x 2 = $1,590).
3. Ketamine: each shot of ketamine is $350 (IV is also an option, but is more costly and time consuming). Typically, 2 shots are given ($350 x 2 = $700).

Based on the above, a typical hybrid session could have a fee of approximately $3,690. Again, the fees vary depending on the treatment plan, patient preferences, and length of the appointment.