Individual Treatment

CNS specializes in the treatment of persons struggling with emotional and behavioral health difficulties. Although CNS is unique in offering multi-disciplinary Clinical Programs, we also do provide traditional mental health treatment on a one-to-one basis for patients seeking care from one clinician only. For example, an individual may want to see a psychotherapist weekly. Or, alternatively, a patient may want to see a psychiatrist once a month.

A unique advantage of seeing a clinician at CNS is that multiple specialists are available for consultations if the need arises. This includes specialists from fields such as psychiatry, psychology, addiction medicine, social work, psychological testing, and more. Our clinicians also include those from areas such as vocational rehabilitation and exercise physiology.

Because of our wide array of clinicians, patients may sometimes have a choice between mutliple clinicians: they have the ability to choose the clinician who is the right fit for them. This too is unique in the world of behavioral health.

If you are interested in meeting with one clinician for your mental health needs, we are confident that our staff at CNS can help faciltate your health and wellbeing.