Claims Submission to Insurance

  • CNS is an “Out-of-Network” provider. We do not directly submit claims to (nor accept payments from) insurance companies.
  • Upon charging, we will email you an invoice. The invoice should contain all the necessary claim codes required by your insurance company.
  • It is the patients responsibility to submit the invoices to insurance. Once submitted, insurance will reimburse you directly, as their policy allows.
  • Occasionally, the insurance company accepts the simple CNS invoice.
  • However, sometimes they require the member to complete a Claim Form for each claim.
    • If this is the case, we suggest using the Standard 1500 Claim Form, which is accepted by most insurance companies.
    • Click this link for a sample Claim 1500 Form which is pre-filled with CNS Health information. All you will need to do is switch the generic information with your own personal information (e.g. name, address, member ID, appointment date, etc).
    • We recommend referring back to your CNS invoice which will contain any necessary appointment codes.
    • We suggest to attach a copy of your CNS Invoice to any claim form you submit to insurance.
  • Prior Authorization: Please keep in mind that for certain services (e.g. TMS), insurance sometimes requires Prior Authorization. If this is the case, please call your insurance and ask them to send the PA Form (prior authorization) which is specific for the service which is intended (e.g. TMS). Then, forward this form to your doctor. Please note that the doctors need to reserve an appointment slot (with associated fee) in order to complete these forms as they are often quite lengthy.
  • Please let us know if you have any questions or need additional help.