CNS Mobile TMS Health Suite

What is the CNS Mobile TMS Health Suite?

CNS is pleased to offer the only Mobile TMS Health Suite in the entire United States.

It consists of a luxury-outfitted Mercedes Sprinter Van, a mobile TMS machine capable of fMRI-guided TMS, a waiting area, and an entire treatment team.

The CNS Mobile TMS Health suite is designed to accommodate patients who cannot come to the office for daily treatments. It is also helpful for those who wish to continue their treatment over the weekend so as to quicken their recovery.

The interior is outfitted with luxury leather power reclining seats, limousine black tinted windows for ultimate privacy, two flat screen TVs with headsets for private listening, and several AC units for perfect climate control. There is a sitting area for guests or loved ones, and an additional private room for work. The van is equipped with many power outlets and Wifi internet, so that work can be done on-board, if necessary.

Where does the CNS Mobile TMS Health Suite go?

We can accommodate patients in their private residences, treatment programs, or rehabilitation centers.

The van will be parked in a safe driveway, on the street, in a garage or in the parking lot. Patients are assisted into and out of the vehicle for maximum patient safety.

Please be aware that the van is approximately 20 feet long, so will need adequate space. It is 10 feet tall, and will need proper clearance.

What is treatment like in the CNS Mobile TMS Health Suite?

Patients are fully awake and alert while comfortably reclined in the treatment chair. Patients can use the TV’s to augment their treatment with our guided TMS video modules, or can have a video appointment with their treating psychiatrist or clinician. With the help of their clinician, they can choose to under-go TMS Cognitive Therapy.

The mobile treatment unit was designed to have all of the same comforts of a therapeutic treatment room you would normally experience in our offices. The only difference is that it’s mobile and at your residence.


Who is on-board the CNS Mobile TMS Health Suite?

The on-board treatment team varies on a case-by-case basis. It can consist of a driver, a highly-trained TMS technician, a therapist, or a nurse. They will assess your symptoms daily and communicate with your treating physician. The TMS technician will implement treatment safely and comfortably as directed by the physician, just as it’s done in our offices.

If you would like more information about our Mobile TMS services, please call the office at 310-440-9800.