CNS Premier Plus Program

Advanced Insight for Accelerated Improvement

At CNS Health, we are pleased to offer the CNS Premier Plus Program, an elite service custom designed for individuals seeking intensive and personalized psychiatric care.

The CNS Premier Plus Difference:

Quite simply, we believe that we are quietly transforming the field of psychiatry. This is embodied by our Premier Plus Program. Currently, due to its extremely time and labor-intensive requirements from Dr. Mamoun, we are enrolling only one patient at a time.

Our program is distinguished by its high level of one-to-one engagement between the doctor and the patient, embodying a new era of intensive psychiatric care. Here’s how we believe we are redefining personalized psychiatric care.

In-Depth Initial Assessment:

  • Advanced neuroimaging and functional MRI analysis conducted by an interdisciplinary neuroscience team.
  • Comprehensive psychological assessments are administered. These are done with well-established industry neuropsychological testing instruments. The insights, combined with advanced AI analytics, then undergo a meta-level analysis.
  • This process drastically accelerates Dr. Mamoun’s understanding of the patient on a profound level, enabling a rapid dive into the root causes of emotional distress.
  • In a matter of days, this process can allow Dr. Mamoun to get to know the patient as if they have known them for a year or longer (in an approximate sort of way, of course).
  • The robust initial assessment and continuous engagement allow for a rapid yet deep exploration of core issues, facilitating psychological amelioration of emotional pain.

Continuous Engagement:

  • Prior to each session, the patient completes daily forms which inquire about levels of mood, energy, sleep, etc. These forms are integrated into the overall analysis.
  • Each session is meticulously documented and recorded with the patient’s consent.
  • Pre-session data and session content facilitate a thorough post-session reflection & analysis. Dr. Mamoun can spend minutes or even hours on this effort.
  • Dr. Mamoun then spends time carefully focusing on, preparing for, and designing the next future session.

AI-Enhanced Analysis:

  • AI-driven analysis enhances post-session review and reflection, conducted in collaboration with a network of seasoned colleagues.
  • A proprietary AI system is employed at every step to accelerate understanding and optimize treatment plans.

Tailored Treatments:

  • The doctor personally administers all neurostimulation and other treatments, ensuring a level of intensive care and precision that sets CNS Premier Plus apart from standard practices where technicians might administer treatment.
  • Neurostimulation is employed merely as a tool, much like how a surgeon utilizes a scalpel and an array of instruments, with real-time adjustments in order to achieve overall treatment plans and goals.

Intensive Preparation and Reflection:

  • Significant time is dedicated to preparing for each session, reviewing previous interactions, and planning the next steps.
  • Post-session reflection and analysis are integral, engaging both technological and peer-reviewed insights to enhance treatment efficacy.

Availability of Daily Reports:

  • If the physician and treatment team have time, they can produce detailed reports of progress.

Your Investment in Mental Wellbeing:

  • The program requires a significant time commitment from the doctor, often occupying a major part of the clinical day.
  • The premium nature of CNS Premier Plus reflects the extensive preparation, personalized attention, and advanced treatment modalities provided.
  • Currently this program is simply billed at the physician’s hourly rate. The fees can add anywhere from 150-200% of the physician’s time (because as stated previously, it can add minutes to several hours each and every day this process is implemented).

A Quantum Leap in Treatment Efficiency

In the span of weeks, the CNS Premier Plus Program strives to deliver a caliber of mental healthcare and technologically advanced treatment whose outcomes may rival or even surpass those from residential treatment settings, which traditionally can require several months of time.

Discover Enhanced Understanding and Care

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in exploring if the CNS Premier Plus Program is the right fit for you.