LUMEN tPBM Program

As a part of our ongoing commitment to providing the most innovative care possible, we now offer the CNS Health Lumen Program (Light Use for Mental Enhancement & Neurotherapy).

The backbone of our LUMEN Program is a technology called tPBM, or Transcranial Photobiomodulation. Our neuroscientists & physicians have designed proprietary devices to implement this therapy, the ClinicBEAM and the innovative at-home device, the HomeBEAM.

The goal of the LUMEN Program, and our at-home HomeBEAM device, is to enhance overall brain health & functioning, and to prolong the benefits from in-office treatment, thereby decreasing office visits. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

Understanding tPBM

tPBM is a semi-natural & non-invasive therapy that uses low-level light to stimulate the brain. Generally speaking, tPBM utilizes light to work harmoniously with the brain’s natural processes, encouraging these brain areas to function better by themselves.

More specifically, specialized wavelengths of light are utilized to stimulate cellular activity within the brain. tPBM enhances the function of mitochondria, which are the energy-producing components of neurons.

The concept behind tPBM is that by using light to stimulate cellular and mitochondrial activity, it can promote healing and functional improvement in underperforming brain areas. In many neuropsychiatric conditions, there is diminished blood flow & functionality in certain brain regions. tPBM is known to improve this diminished blood flow and enhance overall cellular functionality.

This process can lead to various benefits. Hundreds of research studies have shown enhancements in cognitive functioning, focus, memory and in other neuropsychiatric symptoms.

LUMEN Program: Our Personalized Precision Approach

  • Our name Lumen stands for: Light Use for Mental Enhancement & Neurotherapy.
  • The CNS LUMEN Program customizes tPBM to each individual patient.
  • We use advanced neuroimaging software to create a personalized 3D map that targets the specific brain areas which are impaired.
  • tPBM Brain Map: this is created by incorporating information from multiple sources, including a patient’s particular condition & symptoms, as well as any objective data we may have (for example, an fMRI or EEG).
  • We then pre-configure the in-office ClinicBEAM device and at-home HomeBEAM device specifically for you based off your personalided tPBM Brain Map.

The CNS LUMEN Program

  • LUMEN Treatment Plan: your physician will work with you to formulate a treatment plan which is tailored for you. It will utilize your specific tPBM Brain Map, which was previously created.
  • The treatment plan’s frequency and duration will vary according to each individual’s specific set of circumstances. The Treatment Plan is usually based on the following components:
  • LUMEN Induction Phase: in order to initially jumpstart the tPBM process in the brain, we utilize the ClinicBEAM (our in-office tPBM device) frequently for the first 1-2 weeks.
  • LUMEN Crossover Phase: once the induction has jumpstarted the tPBM process, the frequency of the in-office sessions is substantially decreased (typically to 1-2 sessions/week), and we introduce the simultaneous daily usage of HomeBEAM (our at-home tPBM device). During this phase, the positive effects of the tPBM accumulate and are magnified by the addition of daily treatment. This phase usually occurs over several weeks.
  • LUMEN Maintenance Phase: here, the in-office ClinicBEAM device is discontinued, while the at-home HomeBEAM device remains. During this phase, tPBM effects continue to grow and are sustained. The duration of this varies widely, and can range anywhere from two to even six months, depending on your individual progress and preferences.
  • Many patients begin to feel mild benefits beginning at about 2 weeks, but effects really build and culminate after 1-3 months of use.
  • The goal of HomeBEAM daily use is that regular usage will hopefully not only improve benefits even further, but to also decrease office visits. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

Our Proprietary tPBM Technology

  • tPBM BoxClinicBEAM
    Clinic Brain Enhancement Augmentation Machine
  • This is our In-Office tPBM Device: CNS physicians have worked closely with tPBM engineers to invent a proprietary and highly sophisticated in-office tPBM device. It combines several powerful tPBM lasers as well as advanced LED systems to simultaneously deliver a high intensity accelerated session of tPBM. The system, as well as each individual component, has been specifically designed and engineered for tPBM.
  • HomeBEAM
    Home-based Brain Enhancement Augmentation Machine
  • This is our At-Home tPBM Device: For convenience and frequency of treatments, our physicians have worked with tPBM engineers to design our advanced at-home tPBM device. It utilizes advanced LED technology which is very safe for home use. Each HomeBEAM device is physically pre-configured to your specific tPBM Brain Map. The treatment is very easy and usually requires only 10 minutes a day. The beauty of at-home treatment is that it can be used conveniently, and for weeks or months at a time so as to promote and prolong any tPBM benefits.

tPBM Safety in General

  • tPBM is incredibly safe. There have been no serious side effects reported clinically nor in any research studies.
  • tPBM is very well-tolerated, with very few mild side effects reported.
  • tPBM is non-invasive, meaning that there is no need to consume any pills, no injections, and no surgery.
  • tPBM is painless and has no downtime.

Our Synergistic Approach

  • Since tPBM is semi-natural (by using light), we believe that it is probably best to have expectations that its effects are initially mild and grow slowly over time. Patience will be critical.
  • We also believe that a realistic strategy is to use tPBM to augment other treatments. Because tPBM improves the brain’s overall health, it can facilitate an enhanced response to other treatment modalities. This could include medications, or other neuromodulation treatments such as TMS or TBS.
  • Consider asking your doctor about the usage of certain supplements which may possibly enhance the effectiveness of tPBM. Several of these supplements are readily available by many retailers and are inexpensive. We do not directly offer any supplements, but your doctor can have a conversation with you about their possible role in treatment.

Our Dedication to tPBM Technologies

  • Our commitment to tPBM extends far beyond clinical use.
  • Because we have seen so much benefiting from it, we have extended our involvement into research studies as well as co-developing the actual technology.
  • Our physicians actively contribute to ongoing tPBM research. For example, our experience has helped push recent advancements indicating that the 1064nm wavelength is likely more effective than traditional wavelengths previously used.
  • We have also worked closely with engineers to design devices which offer optimal performance in the clinic (ClinicBEAM) and in the home setting (HomeBEAM).

If you are interested in tPBM and the CNS LUMEN Program, please contact us to schedule a conversation with one of our clinicians.