Who We Are

CNS Health is an advanced outpatient practice offering specialized treatment for a variety of psychiatric and behavioral conditions. CNS is based on an innovative model of healthcare: that the best care is provided not by one clinician, but by an integrated and interdisciplinary team of clinicians and specialists.

Our Goal is to provide the most advanced behavioral healthcare currently available. CNS incorporates recent advances in neuroscience and psychiatric research, but also draws upon years of established knowledge in medicine, psychiatry, and psychology. Our comprehensive team of clinicians from numerous specialties is unified into one integrated practice in order to promote the maximal health and wellbeing of our clients.


Our Services

CNS specialists provide a wide array of assessment and therapeutic services with a focus on modern, evidence-based interventions. Often CNS specialists will collaborate with other providers to consult and exchange feedback in order to deliver the highest level of care.


  • Psychiatric Assessment & Treatment, Medication Management, Psychiatric Nursing


  • Traditional TMS and fMRI-guided TMS, Neuroimaging analysis, IV Ketamine, Clinical Research


  • Neurocognitive Assessment, Psychodiagnostic Testing, Educational Testing


  • Psychodynamic, Supportive, CBT, Family & Couples Therapy

Coordinated Care

  • Case Management & Behavioral Coaching, Liaison with outside providers

Educational & Vocational

  • Educational Therapy, Assessment & Advocacy, Vocational Counseling

Crisis Intervention

  • Individual, Family & Substance Abuse Interventions

Health Services

  • Exercise Physiology & PT, Collaboration with other medical specialists