S.E.T. Therapy Programs at CNS

CNS is pleased to announce our new, revolutionary approach to psychotherapy, the S.E.T. Therapy Programs. The approach is based on the following concepts:

  • Solution-oriented
  • Evidence-based
  • Time-limited

The S.E.T. Therapy Programs are grounded in cognitive-behavioral treatment methods for a range of emotional disorders. The S.E.T. Therapy Programs involve a collaborative, SOLUTION-ORIENTED approach to therapy where each patient feels heard and goals for treatment are established together. Furthermore, they are EVIDENCE-BASED, which means they have been rigourously researched and shown to be effective (peer-reviewed by specialists in the field, and approved by governing agencies in medicine). Each of these programs have been specifically developed to treat particular disorders utilizing a manualized, structured protocol. Finally, they are TIME-LIMITED, which means they are designed to last a SET number of sessions (with definitive beginning, middle, and end), depending on the program and the patient’s progress.


S.E.T. Therapy Programs at CNS



2013_01_02_SET_ConsultationFill out a brief questionnaire that will be used during the consultation with a CNS Clinician. The consultation will:

– Will help determine if you are a good fit for the S.E.T. Therapy Programs.
– Explain what CBT is.
– Explain the programs available at CNS.
– Answer any questions you may have.

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